Nikita Milivojević


For the fifth year in a row, "Villa Stanković" becomes "The Globe Theatre" at the end of June and the Danube turns into the River Thames. Guests from India, China, Germany, the USA, Iran, Finland, Belgium, Great Britain, Belarus, Turkey, Spain, Greece ... from all over the world, come to us and play Shakespeare. We are getting closer to the idea to perform all 37 preserved plays on our small stage and the audience from all over the area will support us wholeheartedly and take part in this unique endevour.
This year our Festival is richer for one more program: "Shakespeare for Big Children". Shakespeare is also played for the youngest spectators around the world. In his pieces sometimes there are so many children's fantasies that it seems to me that almost each of them in a certain way could be played for children. Amongst other things, Shakespeare was also an actor and actors are often said to be "big children". We are all really "big children", and the theater keeps reminding us of the fact.

With great gratitude to those who helped us to be together this year - welcome to the fifth Shakespeare Festival!