Friday, 30 June at 20.00
Vila Stanković, Čortanovci
    Friday, 30 June at 20.00
    Vila Stanković, Čortanovci



Yerevan State Chamber Theater (Armenia)

Director, Costume Designer and Scenography of the play – Lusine Yernjakyan

Friar Laurence – Senik Barseghyan
Juliet – Victoria Sahakyan
Romeo – Zhora Martirosyan
Benvolia – Eva Khachatryan
Mercutio – Avet Zohrabyan
Tybalt – Mher Alabegyan
Prince Escalus – Vahe Ziroyan
Montague – Grigor Baghdasaryan
Lady Montague – Luiza Nersisyan
Capulet – Mkhitar Avetisyan
Lady Capulet – Ketrin Manasyan
The Nurse – Sona Matevosyan
Balthasar – Narek Aleksanyan
Paris – Andranik Miqayelyan

As well as
Ermina Zaxarova
Manouchak Nikorossian
Lilit Tokhatyan
Lusine Sukiasyan
Gor Hovhannisyan
Martin Khachatryan
David Abrahamyan
Khazhak Majaryan

Producer - Arshaluys Harutyunyan
Duration: 1 hour 45min. / without intermission
Language: Armenia / with Serbian subtitle
In case of bad weather, the performances will be played in Youth Theatre in Novi Sad

The premiere took place on March 17, 2017 in Yerevan.

The story of eternal love, in the interpretation of the Yerevan Chamber Theater.
“Romeo and Juliet” … It seems like everything has been said and told about this story. But the new generation of Chamber Theatre discovered and identified new shades and ideological principles. Strong and unexpected directorial strict-styled solutions, unique design and aesthetics, intrinsic to all periods of human history, but at the same time placed in a completely different space and time. Performance that will keep you in expectation and tension every second.


19.06.17 - «The best set design» ArtFest Festival, Armenia.
06.10.2017 – “HIGHFEST” 15th International Performing Arts Festival.
27.03.2018 – “Best Performance of the year” - annual national awards “Artavazd”, held by the Union of Theater Workers of Armenia
30.09.2018 - Within the framework of the Second International Symposium “Shakespeare at the crossroads of the East and West” of the Armenian Shakespeare Association, dedicated to the Armenian genius actor Vahram Papazian, “Romeo & Juliet” play was presented at the Yerevan State Chamber Theater, after which a meeting was held with the creative staff and foreign Shakespearean scholars.
04.11.2018 –13th Yerevan International Shakespeare Theatre Festival.
30.07.2019- The 23th Gdansk Shakespeare International Theatre Festival, Poland.

“This is an incredibly theatrical production. The set, the design, the costumes and particularly the use of the ropes in the set are especially innovative supporting the theatre to stage itself. There are many cultural codes in this witty production too: from the Greek theatre to the pop-punk era.”
Professor Jerzy Limon, OBE,
Director of The Gdańsk Shakespeare Theatre, Poland

«Although being very familiar with Shakespeare's play, the performance still keeps the audience in tension. Furious emotions, stunning dynamics and of course right chosen music, only exacerbates this situation. Lusine Yernjakyan's "Romeo & Juliet" performance is a living proof that classic never gets old».

“Teatr Akcji”, Julia Dudzinska “Shakespeare Daily No 4”

“Romeo & Juliet is Lusiné Yernjakian’s first Shakespearean adaptation testifying once again that, if skilfully directed and acted, Shakespeare remains intellectually stimulating and humorous, poetic and tragic, traditional and innovative for all generations.”
J. H. Seymour
Founder of the Armenian Shakespeare Association
Queen Mary University of London

“The main innovation in this production revolved around the characters of Chorus and Friar Laurence. This production, however, took up the challenge of the Chorus and did so in a fascinating manner. It started with Friar Laurence, speaking the lines of the Chorus, and thereby looking back, rather than ahead, at the tragedy that had happened, a tragedy for which he seemed to berate himself vehemently. The narrative thus turned into a flashback with Friar Laurence telling the story to the audience.”
Dr. Coen Heijes
University of Groningen, Netherlands
Extracts from the article published in 2018 in “Cahiers Elisabéthaines,
A Journal of English Renaissance Studies”


The Yerevan State Chamber Theatre was established on December 15, 1982. The founder and the Artistic Director of the Theatre is Doctor Ara Yernjakyan - dramatist and Honored Artist of the Republic of Armenia. During its history, the theatre has staged about 80 plays from contemporary dramas to comedies, classical tragedies to musicals. The YSCT productions are created on the basis of the Identification System, which lies at the Chamber Theatre's conceptual principles, the driving force of this approach is a complete and real interaction with the audience and the absence of the so called "fourth wall”.