Friday, 2 July at 20.00 Vila Stankovic, Cortanovci
    Friday, 2 July at 20.00 Vila Stankovic, Cortanovci



Des Lumières et Des Ombres (France)

  • Shakespeare, J-C. Carrière, M-H. Estienne, P. Brook
  • Directed by Guy-Pierre Couleau

    By William Shakespeare
    Adaptation by Peter Brook
    French text by Jean-Claude Carrière and Marie-Hélène Estienne
    Set design - Delphine Brouard
    Lighting and stage management - Laurent Schneegans
    Costumes - Camille Pénager
    Music and sound - Frédéric Malle
    Fight choreography - Florence Leguy
    Assistant Director - Mona Terrones

    Benjamin Jungers - Hamlet
    Anne Le Guernec - Gertrude
    Nils Ohlund - Claudius, The Ghost
    Emil Abossolo M’Bo - Polonius, Gravedigger
    Sandra Sadhardheen - Ophelia
    Bruno Boulzaguet - Rosencrantz, First Actor, Fossoyeur
    Thomas Ribière - Laertes, Guildenstern, Second Actor
    Marco Caraffa - Horatio

    Administration, production, distribution La Magnanerie - Anne Herrmann, Victor Leclère, Martin Galamez, Lauréna de la Torre and Margot Graindorge

    Running time: 2 h


    Production Des Lumières et Des Ombres Coproduction Les Scènes du Jura - Scène nationale Residency Théâtre 13 / Paris With the artistic participation of Studio d’Asnières-ESCA

    Des Lumières et des Ombres has a public service contract with the French Ministry of Culture

    ‘Guy-Pierre Couleau offers us a show of great fluidity and impeccable mechanics that balances seriousness and levity and does not stint on ribaldry and humour.’
    Les soirées de Paris - Isabelle Fauvel

    ‘Guy-Pierre Couleau plays with sobriety and simplicity, allowing Shakespeare’s prose and Hamlet’s sufferings to resonate perfectly. ’
    L'œil d'Olivier - Olivier Frégaville-Gratian d'Amore

    ‘Faced with the play’s infinite meanings and references, I gave myself a single dream: to allow the ‘startling theatrical masterpiece with double meanings’; as René Girard called it, to be heard. In this masterpiece, justice and innocence are the real protagonists. Hamlet and Shakespeare are landmarks. I have performed and directed several of Shakespeare’s plays and he takes me to unexpected places every time. This time, the intuition of a version of the play - Peter Brook’s adaptation with a French text by Jean-Claude Carrière and Marie-Hélène Estienne - guided me towards the huge question mark that is The Tragedy of Hamlet.’
    G-P. Couleau

    Guy Pierre Couleau trained at the Saint-Germain-en-Laye French National School for the Dramatic Arts (1981) and then in the Schola Cantorum in Paris (1983). He started out in theatre in 1986 by acting in shows directed by Stéphanie Loïk, Agathe Alexis and Daniel Mesguich, performing in around twenty productions. He directed his first play on stage at the Théâtre de l’Atalante in 1994 and continued to alternate acting and directing until 1998, when he decided to devote himself entirely to directing. He was guest director at the Latvia National Theatre from 1998 to 2007.

    In 2000, he founded his own company Des Lumières et Des Ombres, which has a public service contract with the French Culture Ministry. From 2008 to the end of 2018, he was artistic director at the Comédie de l’Est, the Alsace regional drama centre, based at Colmar, which became the National Dramatic Centre in 2013. In 2019, he returned to work on artistic projects with his company Des Lumières et des Ombres.

    That same year, he directed ‘La Conférence des oiseaux’ (The Conference of Birds) by Jean-Claude Carrière, which was performed in France and internationally in the 2018- 2019 and 2019-2020 seasons. In March 2021, he created La Tragédie d’Hamlet (The Tragedy of Hamlet) at Théâtre 13 in Paris.